#NAMS Rocks! A few images from the first day of David Perdew’s Marketing Madhouse where everyone is nuts – http://ping.fm/tx7zi

NAMS opening reception on BTR – http://ping.fm/pQyVv Jeff Herring just talked about article marketing. Now everyone is writing one.

David Perdew’s marketing madhouse in Atlanta opens with the zany duo of Mike Stewart and Jeff Herring http://ping.fm/QfhGr

Hey people, what’ca know, its time for another NicheProf show. He be talkin web2-0, on B-TalkRadio: 12:30 PM – http://ping.fm/u5PS9

Catch David Perdew talking with Ken English in the Liquid Lounge at 1 PM EST on BTR – TODAY – http://ping.fm/Al5cv

BTR Update: Open invitation to call @ 12:30 PM EST and talk about Niche Affiliate and JVAlert events: http://ping.fm/JEfRT

BTR Update: Live from the igloo in W. Missouri: NicheRadio @ 12:30 PM EST. To listen – http://ping.fm/bBKN6 To talk – 718.766.4782.