BTR Sunday: NicheRadio @ 12:30 PM EST -> Gazing into the crystal ball of social media. The new year begins today…

Just a thought about people who can’t pay for work I did for them this year. It would be OK, if they’d just say, ‘Thank You.’ Best wishes!

Call in # is: 347.205.9720. Show begins at 12:30 PM EST, so if you need someone to talk to, call me. Otherwise, I’ll do all the talking.

New BTR show today @ 12:30 PM EST. You’re invited to call to talk about your internet product or affiliate program:

Ho. Ho. Ho. Don’t cha know. It’s time for the NicheProf’s radio show on Blogtalkradio: 12:30 PM EST

Saj P’s ‘Site Rush’ begins on Tuesday. Listen Hilary Stewardson’s review today at Noon EST on BTR:

Hey there tweeple, don’t cha know. The NicheProf did another show. He was talkin web 2.0 on BlogTalkRadio: