NicheRadio with Dr. Ron Capps & Ken English on BTR @ 12:30 PM EST Sunday – Gina Gaudio Graves Guest

Gina Gaudio Graves joins the NicheProf today (Sunday) @ 12:30 PM EST to talk about social media – – NicheRadio with Dr. Ron Capps, the NicheProf at 12:30 PM EST every Sunday. 5 minutes to show time…

Join the NicheProf and the BlogTalkRadioGuy at 12:30 PM EST every Sunday on BTR – – 45 minutes to launch… – Nicheprof is now on the air… – topics to include video marketing, screen show pro, professional social marketing and more. 12:30 PM EST…Sunday

Good morning Vietnam & other parts of the world. The NicheProf will call in from the igloo in 30 minutes. – join us.