Underwater Art Gallery to be Miami’s Best Artificial Reef

Neptune ReefThe first phase of construction has been completed on the Neptune Reef, a mixed-use artificial reef that is the first large-scale underwater themepark in the world. More than 2000 tons of concrete in shape of domes, arches and columns, as well as a pair of bronze

This is the first press release:


Cremation Industry Leader, The Neptune Society, Creates Landmark “Underwater City” Off The Coast Of Miami, Florida

Ft Lauderdale, Fl The Neptune Society, the largest cremation-only services company in the U.S., announces a revolutionary new final resting place – The Neptune Memorial Reef — that is as much for the living and the ecology as it a memorial for the deceased. Located 3.25 miles off the Miami Coast in 45 feet of crystal clear water, the Neptune Memorial Reef is a design and engineering wonder that will attract divers, ecologists, tourists…and those looking for a final resting place of unmatched beauty.

Set to launch November, 2007, The Neptune Memorial Reef , is a re-creation of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis, that will be the largest and most enchanting man-made reef of its type in the world. Covering over 16 acres of ocean floor, the Neptune Memorial Reef will offer room for more than 125,000 remains, and becomes a “living city” that will act as a catalyst for marine life to converge and thrive. It was created by visionary Gary Levine and famed designer/sculptor Kim Brandell.

Jerry Norman, President and CEO of the Neptune Society, said, “The Neptune Memorial Reef is a first for the industry and a major step toward creating a new way for people to honor and remember their loved ones in a beautiful setting that reaffirms life and promotes marine habitat, coral growth and supports tourism . With the help of time and nature, this underwater memorial city will become a living reef of colorful marine life and coral growth that holds secure the remembrances of the dearly departed for all time.“

A first of its kind, The Neptune Memorial Reef is:A memorial garden for the cremated remains of our dearly departed. The world’s largest and most enchanting architecturally sculptured reef. An environmental and ecological masterpiece. A world-class destination for divers and explorers. A place for commemorating mankind’s accomplishments. The intricate concrete and bronze structures were by conceived by Levine and Brandell to invite countless species of marine life into the city. In creating this special habitat, Neptune Memorial Reef will become a large and active marine research site, and its massive size will act as an undersea breakwater and reduce erosion from the ocean’s floor.

Norman believes that changing times and changing perspective on the funeral experience, make this an ideal time for the launch of The Neptune Memorial Reef. “We live in a more mobile society and one that is moving away from traditional services. Cremations now account for over 30% of all funeral services in the U.S. and that number is expected to rise over the next two decades. The Neptune Memorial Reef provides a natural setting for loved ones that is also a aweinspiring destination where family can gather and enjoy.”

About The Neptune Society

A leader in alternative funeral services, The Neptune Society, Inc. is privately owned by the BG Capital Group, a leading merchant banking firm. Established in 1973, The Neptune Society and its sister company The Trident Society are dedicated to providing consumers with a simple, economical and dignified alternative to the traditional costly funeral. Today the company has 38 locations in 10 states — including cremation facilities, sales offices, and holding facilities – and continues to expand services throughout the United States. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, please visit us at: www.neptunesociety.com  or www.tridentsociety.com.


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  1. […] not ALL Sponge-Bob fans. In fact none of them probably are. But you get the picture, the Neptune Memorial Reef is the brainchild of the Neptune Society who are all about alternative funerals. It will open this […]

  2. I recently dove this site and was totally amazed! I will definately spend eternity at Neptune’s Memorial Reef.

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